About EmpireForge

Are you ready to forge your empire and add some zeros to your bank account?

We have an exclusive opportunity for you to join us in April and consult with a diverse group of industry leaders who have successfully scaled their businesses to hundreds of deals a year even in small markets – these leaders are ready to share their business plans and successful models with you!

Think you can’t make millions of dollars a year as a real estate investor? Think being in a small market is holding you back? Think Again!

EmpireForge Mastermind will teach you how a small market is an asset to your business. This is the opportunity to invest into yourself and your business, and turn your business into an Empire. The inaugural meeting of the EmpireForge Mastermind will be held in the middle of the action in downtown Mobile, AL, in the historic building that houses Irby Home Buyers – an effective, dynamic team successfully closing hundreds of deals each year by utilizing proven marketing, sales, and management strategies. A unique opportunity to dive deep into this successful business model, the EmpireForge Mastermind will focus on the nuts and bolts of lucrative sales and marketing strategies, how to build the best team for your business, and how to forge your empire by managing your business and your life to achieve your biggest goals. This is an amazing chance to learn how to transform your business and your bank account. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

– 2 days on-site deep in the belly of the beast of Irby Home Buyers

– Housed a historic mansion in downtown Mobile

– Presentations from teams across diverse markets – not just how we do it but how you can do it too.

– Individualized consulting and business planning tailored to you Networking, with some of the best and most creative minds in the business

– Forging lifelong connections and friendships with other high-level investors

– Team building methods you can use to sharpen your team into Empire Forgers with you

– Investment, marketing, sales, and negotiating strategies straight from the executives that are turning 100’s of deals a year

This experience won’t end at the end of the weekend, either – acceptance into the EmpireForge mastermind means the doors open for ongoing strategic planning sessions with our coaches, and lifelong connections with peers who are forging the same path in other markets.

If you’ve established your business and you’re looking for how to scale up and take your enterprise to the next level, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to consult with experts, network and share ideas with other entrepreneurs, and get tangible, personalized insight into how to build the next step of your empire.


Limited space is available!

Act today and find out if you qualify – this opportunity is only available to experienced investors with a history of effectively closing deals. If you’ve established your business and are ready to learn how you can close 100’s of deals in small markets, see if you are ready to join us.